Yearly Archives: 2008

Semantics and the global financial order

(This is an edited version of a closing keynote speech I gave at a conference for corporate treasurers and finance heads of banks on 16 October, 2008. I have added to it since to consolidate my thoughts on … Continue reading…

Citigroup Asia Pacific restructuring – my quick responses

Right after Citigroup announced its business leaders restructuring and new appointments to lead its Asia Pacific business today, several media called me for my comments. The following are my quick responses as cobbled together from my various … Continue reading…

My Beijing, on the eve of the Olympics

I still remember that first flight into Shanghai in late 2001 with a Singaporean friend and conference organiser who wanted to introduce me to the Shanghai Banking Association in the hope that we could strike a deal … Continue reading…

Postcard from New York (edited)

Postcard from New York
– Meeting Jamie Dimon, chairman JPMorgan Chase
– Buying a RTW air ticket these days
– Was Singapore’s GIC right in buying into Citi and UBS?
– Mike Denoma, Steve Bertamini and StanChart
– The US Democratic party elections and
– heartlanders … Continue reading…

The Malaysian elections – something about the future?

The MALAYSIAN elections. Some immediate reflections on what it was all about to me and some observations.
I was elated when I woke up this morning to discover that the Barisan Nasional government lost FOUR states!!!! Whoa! Words could … Continue reading…

Richard Stanley and DBS – nooooooo!

Richard Stanley, Francis Rozario, Mike Denoma … et al… The two most inalienable, non-negotiable qualities that the new CEO of DBS must have.
I caught Richard Stanley’s name in the Business Times newspaper that was handed over to me by the … Continue reading…