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My Beijing, on the eve of the Olympics

I still remember that first flight into Shanghai in late 2001 with a Singaporean friend and conference organiser who wanted to introduce me to the Shanghai Banking Association in the hope that we could strike a deal … Continue reading…

Postcard from New York (edited)

Postcard from New York
– Meeting Jamie Dimon, chairman JPMorgan Chase
– Buying a RTW air ticket these days
– Was Singapore’s GIC right in buying into Citi and UBS?
– Mike Denoma, Steve Bertamini and StanChart
– The US Democratic party elections and
– heartlanders … Continue reading…

The Malaysian elections – something about the future?

The MALAYSIAN elections. Some immediate reflections on what it was all about to me and some observations.
I was elated when I woke up this morning to discover that the Barisan Nasional government lost FOUR states!!!! Whoa! Words could … Continue reading…

Richard Stanley and DBS – nooooooo!

Richard Stanley, Francis Rozario, Mike Denoma … et al… The two most inalienable, non-negotiable qualities that the new CEO of DBS must have.
I caught Richard Stanley’s name in the Business Times newspaper that was handed over to me … Continue reading…

Sovereign Wealth Funds – Countering a deeply prejudiced debate

I have been thinking a lot about the sovereign wealth fund debate and decided to make my response in the form of a letter to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in response to a very prejudiced … Continue reading…

It will have to be Mike Denoma or Francis Rozario only (that DBS leadership change again)

In the matter of Jackson Tai’s replacement, after I wrote my tome on leadership in the industry (previous blog, edited several times), I was so disgusted with myself for having commented on a lemon list that was … Continue reading…

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