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Postcard from New York (edited)

Postcard from New York
– Meeting Jamie Dimon, chairman JPMorgan Chase
– Buying a RTW air ticket these days
– Was Singapore’s GIC right in buying into Citi and UBS?
– Mike Denoma, Steve Bertamini and StanChart
– The US Democratic party elections and
– heartlanders … Continue reading…

The Malaysian elections – something about the future?

The MALAYSIAN elections. Some immediate reflections on what it was all about to me and some observations.
I was elated when I woke up this morning to discover that the Barisan Nasional government lost FOUR states!!!! Whoa! Words could … Continue reading…

Richard Stanley and DBS – nooooooo!

Richard Stanley, Francis Rozario, Mike Denoma … et al… The two most inalienable, non-negotiable qualities that the new CEO of DBS must have.
I caught Richard Stanley’s name in the Business Times newspaper that was handed over to me … Continue reading…

Sovereign Wealth Funds – Countering a deeply prejudiced debate

I have been thinking a lot about the sovereign wealth fund debate and decided to make my response in the form of a letter to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in response to a very prejudiced … Continue reading…

It will have to be Mike Denoma or Francis Rozario only (that DBS leadership change again)

In the matter of Jackson Tai’s replacement, after I wrote my tome on leadership in the industry (previous blog, edited several times), I was so disgusted with myself for having commented on a lemon list that was … Continue reading…

Choose your leaders wisely – Part II (or replacement for Jackson Tai of DBS Bank )

Choose your leaders wisely Part II (or replacement for Jackson Tai of DBS Bank, and something also on Malaysia’s Nazir and Citi’s Chuck Prince et al)
Several people have written to ask me to pen down my thoughts on the … Continue reading…

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