Emmanuel Daniel

Emmanuel Daniel
Full Name: Emmanuel Daniel
Email: edaniel@theasianbanker.com
Personal Blog: http://www.emmanueldaniel.com

Emmanuel Daniel is an entrepreneur, train enthusiast and writer. He is the founder of The Asian Banker in 1996, one of the most respected intelligence platforms in the financial services industry that now operates across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. He is also the founder of Wealth and Society, a London-based programme focused on impact investment and philanthropy and Bankquality.com, the world’s first site for capturing consumer feedback on financial services.

He won the Citibank Excellence in Business Journalism for Asia in 1999 for his work on the internet in banking. “The Asian Banker Summit” won the best finance conference from the Asian Conference and Summit Awards in 2012.

As an entrepreneur, he previously served as a committee member in the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO), a prestigious grouping of young business owners worldwide. He has served or is serving in advisory or consulting roles for various governments and institutions, and is a well regarded confidante in leadership circles. He was an associate member of The Asia Society. 

He is a trainer, coach and also a well regarded global speaker on the future, the financial services industry, Asia, China and the march of civilisations. He is interviewed regularly on BBC, Bloomberg and CNBC.

He was trained as a lawyer, has degrees from the National University of Singapore and the University of London, and attended a course on economics at Columbia University in New York.

Footnote: Emmanuel’s personal views on a wide range of topics are captured in this blog and are very influential in various circles. However, the opinions expressed in this blog are personal to Emmanuel and are not shared, attributed to or transmitted by any of the titles stated above, or by his staff or advisors, all of whom maintain their diversity of views, both individually and collectively.