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The Great Transition

The Personalization of Finance is Here

This book outlines the transition that the finance industry will go through from its platform stage today into what Emmanuel Daniel calls the “Personalization of Finance”. He uses the story of the ice trade to describe a level of personalization never seen before. It will have a profound effect on how institutions, markets, and societies will need to function in the network age. He introduces the term "financialization of everything" to describe how digitization will transform entire economies, enhance their receptivity towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and how new trends such as gaming will shape the personalization of society. This book is especially useful for founders, disruptors and policy makers in finance looking for original ideas on finance, economics, and society shaping the industry today.

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Table of contents

Table of Contents 5

Foreword by Barney Frank 7

Foreword by Richard Sandor 9

Preface – The Story of Ice 11

1. From platforms to personalization 15

  1. The industrialization of finance 16
  2. Even mobile will end 19
  3. Mapping the transitions 22

2. The personalization of finance 27

  1. In search of the ‘CFC’ of finance 27
  2. Whoever controls identity, controls finance 28
  3. If energy is the currency of the universe 31
  4. The game changers 35

3. The financialization of everything 39

  1. The financialized corporation 40
  2. Almost anything can be financialized 43
  3. Say goodbye to the real economy 45
  4. When perception becomes reality 46

4. Rise of the rebels 51

  1. The mass amateurization of finance 52
  2. The hyper-personalization of APIs 56
  3. Crypto’s WiFi moment 59

5. The agents of change 63

  1. People shape people 64
  2. The power of the ‘dysfunctional’ state 67
  3. The “fifth estate” 70
  4. The geek army 75
  5. The venture capitalists 78

6. The anatomy of innovation 83

  1. The post-Bretton Woods creations 84
  2. The triumph of capital over labour 87
  3. The ravages of zero marginal cost 89
  4. Blockchains, killed in the back office 91
  5. The symmetry of deception 94

7. The institution crumbles 97

  1. The balance sheet never lies 98
  2. The ring-fencing riddle 101
  3. The liquidity sitting outside 103
  4. But we want to be banks too 106

8. Reimagining the product 109

  1. Mapping the birth of new products 110
  2. Dump the deposit account 112
  3. Credit in a capsule 116
  4. Rewriting the P2P playbook 119

9. The great transitions 123

  1. From tribes to networks 124
  2. LIBOR, again and again 129
  3. The next financial crisis… 132

10. Glossary, References and Index

Key ideas in the book

The story of ice
The financialization of everything
The mass-ametuerization of finance
The history of innovation
The institution crumbles
From platforms to personalization
The power of the dysfunctional state
Blockchain, killed in the back-office
The Libor crisis, again
The next financial crisis
Russia and Ukraine
The great transition

Who should buy this book.

Written in a readable format, this book is designed for five types of readers:

Innovators, disruptors in finance who want to understand the basics of the banking industry to support their ideas.

Traditional bankers and policy makers who need to understand how new technologies are transforming the world they thought they knew.

Crypto-traders, enthusiasts, blockchain and other technology native players who need to understand how their industry interfaces with banking.

Investors and policy makers looking for the major themes to guide them when evaluating new technologies and projects.

The general reader who wants to understand how the transformation taking place in finance today will shape many things in society, the economy and the world in future.


Who must buy this book

This book is designed for a wide range of readers who want to go back to the first principles of banking to support or challenge their own amazing ideas on the future of finance:
  • Innovators, disruptors, inventors looking to legitimise their ideas
  • Crypto-traders, enthusiasts, gamers, decentralised finance (defi), blockchain and other technology native players who need to talk to bankers
  • Investors, venture capitalists, fund managers, portfolio holders looking for major themes in finance
  • The general reader who wants to understand how finance will shape many things in society, the economy and the world in future.
  • Traditional bankers and policy makers who want to think out-of-the-box!

Blogs, Videos and Articles

Other Resources

An online training course

The Secret Rules of Banking for new Disruptors, Innovators and Investors

This short course is designed to help thousands of new professionals in finance and technology who know little about the how the banking industry actually ticks to chart their own course in the industry. Here, Emmanuel introduces the “secret rules” of the industry that entrepreneurs, technologists, start-ups and any worker in a fintech company will do well to know as they navigate their own strategic decisions. Traditional bankers will also find this training a refresher to put in perspective new developments that make no sense. This training is based very much on the ideas that drive this book.

Emmanuel as a strategic resource

Emmanuel very rarely does any public speaking but prefers working very selectively on in-house engagements for institutions, funds, entrepreneurs and families that engage with him for speaking, coaching, strategic reviews, brainstorming retreats and some training that can help them achieve tangible results based on a realistic view of trends in finance.

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