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  • China’s digital currency similar to the Uruguay e-peso pilot September 16, 2019
    Notes for discussion: When I understood that The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) launch is not as revolutionary as it sounds because it copies almost entirely from the confidence established in the Uruguayan pilot project run in 2017-2018, I was somewhat relieved. I had not realised the extent to which […]
    Emmanuel Daniel
  • Ping An’s Xie Yonglin’s fascinating journey to an “AI bank” August 10, 2019
    I had the chance to sit down with Ping An Bank’s chairman Xie Yonglin who shared with me what I thought was one of the world’s most authentic ambitions to become a leading technology centric financial services player that brings together traditional banking with insurance, brokerage, payments and related services. I also explored his own […]
    Emmanuel Daniel
  • Finance as a conversation, payments as content July 16, 2019
    I further developed two very important points for me on the future that finance should be aspiring to from attending the RISE Technology Conference 2019 meant for startups in the digital economy. The conference featured everything from Spotify (personalising music), GIPHY (“Google searches account for only 1% of all words, so we create visuals for words”), Stock X (“monetising […]
  • Facebook Libra will pass congress and set the stage… July 3, 2019
    The following are my assessments of the formative next steps in the evolution of Facebook’s Libra: I do believe that the US Congress will eventually approve legislation to promote the proliferation of digital currency, particularly the Libra variety which is a “stable coin” (meaning it finds its value against a real indicator, like fiat currency […]
    Emmanuel Daniel
  • Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales on the rules of the collaborative economy May 26, 2019
    A chat with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, on the eve of our own Future of Finance Summit 2019. My questions were designed to get Jimmy to discuss how traditional institutions will survive in the shared economy, given that Wikipedia was essentially an effort by a world full of volunteers. He brilliantly outlined the rules […]
    Emmanuel Daniel
  • Mark Walker and Chris Langlois publish The Fintech Power 50 April 29, 2019
    Emmanuel Daniel speaks to Mark Walker and Christophe Langlois co-founders of The Fintech Power 50 list of top fintech companies that was just published
    Emmanuel Daniel
  • Bermuda’s real story is not even finance April 13, 2019
    The most important characteristic of Bermuda that hit me during a recent visit was not the fact that it is a “financial center” (a booking center for the reinsurance industry), but the fact that it was an “island” in every sense of the word, and configured socially and politically to make the most of the […]
    Emmanuel Daniel
  • Spiros Margaris: “I only invest in startups with compelling stories” April 2, 2019
    Emmanuel Daniel
  • Ironically, Apple’s digital credit card just extends life of incumbent banks March 29, 2019
    @Apple’s new credit card is just an incremental change that simply reinforces the dominance of banks in the digital finance space. Behind the Apple digital card is Goldman Sachs Retail. Behind that is MasterCard, and later Visa. Behind those are the other banks on the acceptance side of the transaction. So it prolongs the lifespan […]
    Emmanuel Daniel
  • “Bermuda has a future as a custodian economy in the Digital Age” March 18, 2019
    Emmanuel Daniel was impressed there was more than meets the eye about Bermuda as it prioritizes sustainability over economic growth even as it pursues its future as a financial custodian in the digital world.
    Emmanuel Daniel