time to write again

After a short spritely start to writing a blog, I have stayed away from writing into it for a while. I think the reason was because I started for the wrong reasons, wanting to write for an audience, as writers sometimes do.

I think that the best writers actually write for themselves. To some extent, I had an imagined audience when I wrote my first few blogs. Not good at all. Interesting people need to just be themselves and write for themselves.

Many things have happened since my last blog entry. So much to write about, actually, but in making this new start, I tell myself that I should write primarily for myself. To be sure, I have been writing long emails to certain friends which could or should have been just edited for my blog. Also, I am interested in some of these new technologies that makes it possible for me to make an entry from a mobile phone or something.

Let me just list out some of the interesting experiences I want to write about. I want to write about my trip to Lebanon in June (just before that stupid war). My trip to Japan with my mother in August. My trip up the Yangtze river last week. I want to write about how some technology companies try to unduely influence trade publications like The Asian Banker. About what I have been learning about building teams. About how tired I am about Singaporean civil servants. About Ang Lee winning an Oscar. About corruption in Indonesia. I want to write about some of the other things that come to mind… Not a bad list already in my mind.

I also want to complete some of my current thoughts on the issues I tried to deal with in my earlier entries. All said, I just want to be true to myself in the process and see where the process leads me.

Anyway, here goes.

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